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Where is China's ceramic tile industry


Since last year, the government has introduced a series of policies on real estate regulation. A series of "combination boxing" has played a role in suppressing the real estate bubble and suppressing the excessively high price rise. The ceramic tile industry with the real estate's lips and teeth is also deeply affected. The overall downward trend of the ceramic tile industry in 2017 has been established.

The development of ceramic tile industry in China can be described with the green light, high growth and high productivity. Even so, China can only be said to be a big manufacturer, not a manufacturing power.

"Big" not "strong"

For 20 years, China has been the world's largest producer, consumer and exporter of ceramics.

Two years ago, China produced about two-thirds of the world's ceramic bricks. With the rapid rise of China's ceramic industry, the production of ceramic bricks in China is basically unchanged, accounting for a slight decline, but still accounts for more than 60% of the market. China's exports account for half of the world's international trade, and the export of ceramic tiles accounts for two-thirds of the world's exports. So China is a real ceramic tile manufacturer. But the manufacturing power is not equal to the manufacturing power, and China has a certain distance from the goal of China's ceramic tile manufacturing power.

For a long period of time, the high-speed development of China's ceramic industry owes its cost advantage, but in recent years the domestic raw material costs, labor costs, environmental costs rising, compared with the surrounding emerging manufacturing countries, the advantages of traditional ceramic industry in China is gradually weakening.

The steady growth in production capacity has reached its peak

Over the past 30 years, the transformation and upgrading of China's ceramic industry has achieved great results, maintaining an annual growth rate of 18%. According to the survey data of five years ago, to form larger ceramics industry cluster in our country more than 20, more than 1400 national building ceramic enterprises, keeps about 3400 ceramic tile production lines, annual production capacity of more than 13 billion square meters. In 2016, the production of ceramic bricks in China was 10.26 billion square meters, with guangdong, shandong, liaoning and hunan provinces declining, and the areas of fujian, jiangxi, sichuan and other regions grew significantly. The population is still growing.

With the increasing production, the development mode of ceramic industry has also changed greatly.

First, China's ceramic industry has made several progress in terms of technological management and quality improvement, and the gap with the advanced countries is gradually narrowing.

Second, it is also our proudest boast that it has built a better industrial chain and supporting service system. Only China and Europe, including Japan and the United States, do not.

Third, the trend of energy conservation and emission reduction and the transformation and upgrading of industries has been preliminarily formed. This is the pain point and the excitement of ceramic industry in China, because the mechanism of reverse force makes the ceramic industry rapid progress and rapid development.

Fourth, the domestic industry transfers and the market area layout is basically completed. In the past, the domestic ceramic industry layout was "three mountains and one sea and two rivers", forming several major cluster areas. After more than ten years of development, the ceramic industry is basically spread across the country except for hainan. The domestic industrial layout has been completed, and even though some local governments are planning to attract investment, there is no possibility of large-scale production. The state's strategy is to encourage "go out".

Fifth, the market competition and the private economy lead the industry healthy development. It is also a place to be proud of. The ceramic industry does not have the problem of production capacity, and there is no excess capacity. After decades of development, a good market mechanism has been formed. The ceramic industry is basically private enterprise, very sensitive to market, can change according to market change.

Sixth, the maximum peak interval of domestic and foreign market demand capacity is basically confirmed. According to the observation and understanding of the domestic and foreign markets, the market demand reached its peak two years ago. In the past 30 years, we have expanded capacity based on the expansion of the market, and found the growth point. In the future, we should consider taking up a larger market share in the limited market capacity.

Brands will gradually upgrade future consumers to believe in brands

Besides the demand side, with the arrival of the consumption upgrade and brand era, the future consumers will be more confident in the brand. The survey found that as the post-80s and post-90s generation gradually became the main consumers, they paid more attention to the standards of brand, quality and environmental protection in terms of home decoration. Secondly, for the general population, the ceramic tile are ultra-low frequency consumer products, the understanding of this category are simply through the ways such as cognitive, advertising, word-of-mouth is limited to a few famous brand, only need to purchase will focus on understanding.

This mode of consumption has forced the development of big brands, such as dongpeng, Marco Polo and Nobel, which are familiar to the public. For brand-obsessed consumers, small brands can only compete on price.

On the other hand, the ceramic tile market demand is huge in China, every year the rigid demand as much as billions of square meters, which including tooling, home decoration, municipal, and other aspects, the ceramic tile of sales channels often use the way such as distribution agents, so even in the case of big brands selling, small brands can still rely on relationship, the advantage of the price, the channel to get their share of the market. However, the consumption upgrade and branding is the trend, and the influence of brand on people's consumption will increase.

Consumer buying scenarios change

Apart from the gradual upgrading of the brand, the consumption scene has also undergone tremendous changes. In recent years, online shopping and e-commerce have occupied almost all products, and building materials are no exception.

Than offline purchase, online purchase for ceramic tile industry, ceramic tile is different from electrical appliances FMCG, in the process of buying involves measurement, installation, consulting, effect and transportation factors, some factors are online cannot be involved as well as the coverage factor, so ceramic tile enterprises failed to the penetration of large area, mostly just opened shop, for offline drainage. In fact, for the big brands, with product if offline and online sales, will inevitably lead to compete on price, dealers, agents also differ with manufacturer, this is also the main challenges facing the online sales.

Offline, on the other hand, the small building materials market is just disappearing, taking Beijing as an example, the small and medium-sized building materials market will gradually disappear, the demolition of the building materials market for many ceramic tile distributors in Beijing already have mental preparation, to cooperate with Beijing the capital function organization, belong to heavy industry and low frequency use of ceramic tile warehouse and building materials stores are key to relief the object.

Last year is the building materials market is located in the northern lights on the side of the rings, just opened this year year coming from small Wu Ji building materials market rumors to be demolished, past circles also have such rumours that everyone has the basic habits, but this year really posted a notice, in order to let everybody moved faster, also has carried on the water supply to the market power outages, as a result, many dealers both for storage, spread was concentrated warehouse management to the field.

Industrial cluster industry Internet elements highlight

Gathered in industrial development, the origin is important one annulus, the origin of the cluster advantages can play a dozen brands, capacity, cost reduction effect, in the case of guangdong province, guangdong is one of the birthplace of floor tile of wall of pottery and porcelain in China, the current annual output accounts for more than 50% of total national output, the main production base in foshan, the other is heyuan, zhaoqing, qingyuan areas, etc. And guangdong ceramics, its biggest bright spot is the foshan ceramics, the foshan ceramics enterprise number, scale, for now, is unmatched by other districts, build TaoHangYe to obtain the number of China's well-known trademark alone accounted for more than half of the country, and in the markets with high visibility and a strong market penetration, whether in the production scale, technology level, enterprise management or product of form a complete set, in major production areas are first-class, leading the trends of Chinese ceramics.

So that the advantages of industrial cluster for industrial development in today's age of the Internet has brought new opportunity, zhaoqing of guangdong province as an example, the net library group in the building of China's ceramic tile industry network can made a demonstration for the future development of ceramic tile industry.

The industry platform for online as the breakthrough point, adhere to the principle of market leading combined with policies to guide, to serve the local and even the whole country's building ceramic enterprises, help construction ceramics industry upgrading, the local economic growth.

Unlike online shopping, the platform reviews more stringent sales and filters out substandard products directly for consumers. In terms of promotion, marketing crowd more accurate, more professional, platform covers techniques of choose and buy, decoration techniques such as multi-functional platform, one-stop solution to customers in problems and decoration. At the same time, the B2B purchase is also the main function of a platform, platform building ceramic enterprises around the upstream and downstream supply chain through the Internet to help purchase quality goods of high quality raw material, improve product quality, reduce costs and gain a competitive edge.

Offline, the industrial network USES the network library group in more than 200 exhibition halls across the country, landing experience, inquiry and other services, providing a one-stop service for users, which is very popular.

At present, the platform has landed in zhaoqing, bringing together zhaoqing, foshan and nearly a thousand ceramic enterprises, with annual turnover of tens of millions of yuan.

China ceramic tile industry network main patterns: centered on ceramic tile factory (B2), build online: + + + online design information online ceramics city guide O2O + activity promotion, in the offline build: 1, the layout of logistics outside of public libraries all over the country, to implement the ceramic tile handling 2 times to C consumer hand, reduce logistics costs and handling loss (10%), shorten the user arrival time and improve the experience; 2. Reduce the intermediate wholesale link (B3), save 30% of the middle profit, and turn the tile retail store B4 into the O2O experience service center (B4). The O2O linkage is implemented by B4 and online. Overall, the C end consumers will reduce purchasing cost by at least 40% and improve user experience.


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