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Why should ceramic tile bubble water?


Experienced the friends that decorate the worker must be seen before the shop sticks ceramic tile ceramic tile to bubble water, for such a phenomenon, a lot of people feel very curious, so where is the ceramic tile is the purpose of the bubble water? Let's find out why the tiles soak in water. How do you soak the tiles? Why should ceramic tile bubble water? Ceramic tile is in order to prevent bubble water to absorb the moisture of cement mortar, lest cause an empty drum, fall off, and even crack, especially to metope shop is stuck, before the shop is stuck in metope, need water work on metope.

Which tiles need to be soaked in water? The bubble water to points of ceramic tile brick bibulous rate, bibulous rate < 0.5% without bubble water when the shop is stuck, and hutch is defended with a glazed wall brick and floor tile, bibulous rate is generally greater than 10%, when the shop is stuck is necessary for bubble water (if say for ceramic wall tile, bibulous rate is lower than 0.5%, of course, need not bubble water).

How do you soak the tiles? Since say "bubble water", so ceramic tile must be immersed in water completely, general construction party will prepare a big basin. But there are some construction group, will stack up ceramic tile use pipes to drench water above, but this can only be wetted ceramic tile, ceramic tile is not fully "full", after the shop is stuck is likely to appear all sorts of problems. How long is the bubble? Since the water absorption rate of different tiles is different, there is no specific standard. But the end result is a ceramic tile that "drinks full" and stops bubbling. The water absorption rate is high, bubble will be long a few. During the rainy season, the air is wet and the time should be shortened accordingly. When the heat is dry, the time will increase accordingly.

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