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Is the polished brick anti-skid


Polishing brick as the name implies the surface polishing treatment, of course, it is smooth surface, then they will when wet, of course, is smooth, and conditions they are usually able to water, but their bibulous rate is low, so as long as keep its dryness, prevent slippery, or can be, in the process of production has been thinking to these processes, mainly daily need to pay attention to them.

1. What is a polished brick

The polished brick is a kind of polished brick, which is a kind of body brick. The polished tile is more polished than the surface of the brick. The ground with the polished tile reflects the human figure. On the basis of using the technology of infiltration, the polishing brick can make a variety of imitation stone and imitation wood effect.

Polishing brick hard wear-resisting is the good material that ground decorates, often can create luxurious atmosphere, magnificent effect. If the polishing brick is used in home decorating, should avoid to be used as toilet, kitchen, study ground adornment material as far as possible. The surface is too bright to use these areas to make people feel a little tense, harsh and easy to spot. The polishing brick is suitable for corridor, hall, balcony, exterior wall decoration, etc.

The polishing brick has many unique advantages, such as no radioactive elements, basic control of color difference, strong bending strength, thin brick, light weight and anti-skid. But polished tile also has a fatal weakness, polishing brick making concave and convex air hole, when the stomata can shelter evil people and practices, the surface is very easy to infiltration of pollutants, and even some tea poured on the polishing brick is too big.

2. Is the polished brick anti-skid

Polished tile is able to prevent skidding, polishing brick is made of the same material, hard wear-resisting and low water absorption rate. So the friction is high, which is good for anti-skid.

But be careful, ceramic tile is used for a long time, also can have a problem, like wear, drop glaze and so on, it is easy to let original anti-slip ceramic tile, become easy to skid ceramic tile.

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Advantages of polishing brick:

Advantage 1: no radioactive element: natural stone material belongs to mineral, without high temperature sintering, it contains individual trace element radioactive element, long-term contact can be harmful to human body; Polished tiles do not harm humans;

Advantage two: basically can control the color difference: natural stone material because of the rock time, the depth of the rock depth different color difference, the polishing brick has been carefully deployed, with the same batch of product color consistent, basically no color difference;

The strength of bending strength is large: natural stone material is composed of natural materials, which are different from material time and weathering, resulting in different intensity and intensity. Polishing brick by thousands of tons of hydraulic press pressing, then through above 1200 ℃ high temperature sintering, high strength;

Four advantages: brick of thin, light weight: natural stone material due to the low strength, so the processing thickness is larger, bulkier, increasing the weight of the floor of the building load, a potential threat, rising costs, and increase the transportation difficulty, the shop is stuck, etc.

Advantage 5: anti-skid: floor tile is safe and anti-skid is very important, especially the family that has old person child is more important the anti-slip effect of ceramic tile. Polishing brick surface is bright and clean bright, many consumers believe that prevent slippery effect is poor, one thousand sprinkle water increased the safe hidden trouble, so avoid, had to select "light inside collect" inferior smooth ceramic tile. As a matter of fact, all polished tiles are anti-skid. If the brick has dirt on it, it will be difficult to make water, so it will not affect its anti-skid effect if it is well cleaned. In anti-skid performance, the polishing brick is the same as the matte tile.

Anti-sliding principle of polished brick:

What is 1, the antiskid principle of polishing brick of polishing brick bibulous rate is low, do not absorb spilled water in ceramic tile surface, the performance characteristics of this, many consumers believe that there is a water mark in the brick surface, no matter what will become slippery ceramic tile, actually this is a wrong understanding. Polishing brick that layer on the surface of the glaze in the production process is specially the nonskid treatment, because the market demand change, at present most of the ceramic tile manufacturers can properly improve antiskid performance of polishing brick, on the whole, polishing brick in this decade, non-slip performance have a qualitative leap in commonly, that it has always been in a leadership position.

2. When the tile is not anti-skid, do not rush. The ceramic tile is used for a long time, also can have the problem appearance, wear, drop glaze and so on the ear. This kind of damage, it is easy to let the original anti-slip tile, become a veritable "skating rink". The ceramic tile becomes smooth, as long as the reason is the brick face grey seam is small, use the water spot, hard bottom shoe and sand soil etc. Then recommend appropriate use of some ceramic tile antiskid agent, as long as the polishing brick clean, can use the antiskid agent, pay attention to the uniform, wash clean again, after this process is not complicated, and the effectiveness of each can last for a long time.

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