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The trend of ceramic tile development is changing young


In all their beauty concept of social transformation, the consumer has transformed from for a practical product diversification demand, personality aspect need gathered, such as market, product connotation in the trend of this wave of market transformation, rising young character of market subject, ceramic tile enterprises should seize the main consumer groups demand, increase the weight of the brand.

Ceramic tile consumer group is younger and individualized

Consumers are no longer passive, they have started talking to dealers, talking to businesses and believing that they can change this passive situation through their own power. Consumers are becoming more and more skeptical of authority, more trusting of intuition and word of mouth, and will be able to express their views on products. At the same time, consumers also understand the use of legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. The rise of the consumer group indicates the arrival of the era of production and marketing, and the new thinking of consumers has become the basic condition for the ceramic tile enterprises to exploit the market.

Ceramic tile enterprises need to understand that younger refers to the management model of operating mechanism of the younger, younger and younger, ideas of governance, as for the appearance of the ceramic tile is popular with young people, basically be to see ceramic tile design is no standing in the tip of The Times, follow in the footsteps of others will only ever be a follower, only to lead, to do the winner of the market. The biggest reason why western ceramic tiles are popular with young people is that their ceramic tile designs are unique rather than drifting.

In the past, the use of ceramic tile products was defined as durable goods, whose value was only "practical". Today, ceramic tile is not only defined as household goods, is the important label of household life, reflect the life attitude and aesthetic emotional appeal of the master. Ceramic tile product "inside and outside and repair", reflect in the continuous improvement function, also hastening to chase the step of the tide. In the context of the coexistence of pragmatism and aesthetics, the ceramic tiles of Chinese residents also become a landscape. In today's ceramic tile market, any tile product is permeated with youth brightness, ceramic tile industry appears to be gradually transition to younger. Young is one of the leading trends in the future of the ceramic tile industry. It is good for the ceramic tile industry to make changes quickly to meet the market's development of the whole industry.

Middle and high-end tile market weight is heavier

With the rapid development of China's economy, the middle class has grown and become the main consumer group of medium and high-end products. This part of the consumer group will have their own choice in the home life, they will compare the required products in detail, regardless of the big name or not, only care about the quality. In fact, a new concept of the consumer market has been popular in the ceramic tile industry, namely in the middle-income but the pursuit of fashionable consumer psychological and conform to the purchasing power of the market at the same time.

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