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The sun quickly, make ceramic shop


2018, changes in all represent the general trend of ceramic industry, product homogenization, the same paragraph of the environment, how do you choose a turning point, stop watching, steady progress?

Fast, profitable, shop

Fast - fast decoration, from drawing to finishing 15-30 days.

Profit - the profit surges 150%, the quality is excellent, the style is beautiful, the audience is wide

Shop - do not seek big, only do fine, brand support 80% decoration cost, 30-80 square excellent product selection area and monopoly shop to do the decoration standard.

Design and decoration standard (720 degree space display effect) of core exclusive area and fine selection area:

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The sun ceramics because the market environment changing, in response to the dealer needs as the core, to adjust the brand planning strategy, with high quality, best meet Extrawell tile consumer grade as the core, the layout of the major building materials stores, building materials stores, around the famous ceramic brand shop, with the core material for specialty areas, boutique district cooperation standard with the sun, its characteristics and advantages of ceramic products, create Extrawell tile brand a wide range of audience.

What are you waiting for?

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